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World-class diving center programs

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Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies

BCSS is an innovative platform hosting the first permanent Ocean Observatory focused on multi-ecosystem time series research in Africa.

We aim to use our strategic location and data to support environmental management at a local level, facilitate regional collaboration, and contribute to international scientific programs.

Our founding principles are to understand, protect and guarantee, in the best possible way, marine science in Eastern African marine ecosystems.


Ecosystem function & monitoring

Monitoring the ocean over time and space (time-series) helps scientists better understand intricate workings of marine ecosystems. This theme combines remote sensing, underwater and seabed measurements, based on different temporal resolutions (continuous to monthly).


Species identification & habitat mapping

Conducting of open ocean, coastal, seabed and underwater surveys to study marine life hotspots and learn how organisms interact with the environment over time and space. This theme focuses on resident and migratory species identification and monitoring those during the year to comprehend their distribution.


Migratory fish populations dynamics

Locating and tagging pelagic fish species via research fishing techniques as well as bio-samples collection to understand ecosystem processes. This theme combines research fishing practices with bio-samples recovery from animals to answer how species use their habitat, how environmental constraints impact their migration, as well as how they use the water masses and marine protected areas.


Marine debris monitoring

Implemented across predetermined study sites, our survey methodology involves a monthly accumulative approach. These marine debris surveys play a pivotal role in understanding the enter and buildup of debris within the distinct ecosystems of Benguerra Island, encompassing mangroves, seagrass beds, mudflats, and sandy beaches.

Access the second most biodiverse coral reefs in the world, right off your doorstep

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The scientific dive center supports technical and scientific diving with the aim to support researchers conducting field projects, carrying out surveys, filming documentaries or location scouting. Our team is able to train new research divers, assist in planning and leading scientific expeditions. Support is also available for media crews, e.g. documentaries or photographers. All visitors wishing to dive at BCSS need to provide existing diving qualifications and paperwork. 

The pristine and well conserved reefs of the Bazaruto Archipelago offer some of the best environments in the world for observing a diverse variety of fauna. 

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