The Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) and its founder Nina Flohr care immensely for its people and the surrounding local community. We employ between 70-80% of our team from local communities, with the remainder joining internationally. Our multicultural research and management team, along with the station staff, come from all backgrounds and cultures. Above all we pride honesty, effort and transparency.


Adolfo Huo

Part of BCSS since August 2019, Adolfo began as a driver and maintenance assistant. Working closely with Chief Engineer Baptista, he has learned a great deal about mechanics. Adolfo’s favourite parts of his job is the social aspect of working in a big team and the continuous opportunity to learn.


Ana Macurra

“I love that I get to wake up every day and come to the kitchen to do what I know best”. Ana is an experienced and passionate chef, who joined the BCSS team in September 2020. She enjoys working and sharing skills with Jose and Saquina, in the kitchen.


Arlindo Chauque

Together with Sergio, Arlindo is responsible for the gardens on the BCSS premises – from the vegetation to the food forest. Together they make sure the natural resources around the station are maintained and flourishing. Keen to continue learning, he also assists in the kitchen to prepare the garden’s harvests.


Baptista Vilankulo

As Chief Engineer and Workshop Technician, Baptista is responsible for the holistic maintenance of the station, with Adolfo at his side. Baptista has been working at BCSS since 2019, and is looking forward to many more years in service of the center.


Bernard Mtengwa

Bernard brings a strong financial background in leadership, analysis, systems implementation and logistics management. He has vast experience in managing five star hotels and resorts for hotels, having worked on international brands such as Crowne Plaza and Intercontinental. His work has led him to living and operating hotel openings for Southern Sun Hotel in the Middle East and now Kisawa Sanctuary. Bernard holds a Master of Laws in International Business Law from the University of Cumbria.


Chanoca Feniasse

Chanoca joined BCSS in April 2020, becoming part of the housekeeping team. In her first year she has learned from Susana, while teaching Susana new things too. They make a great team together and enjoy each other’s company.


Claire Ward

Claire has worked in project management for many years, setting up and managing several community, conservation and animal welfare programs and initiatives. She is also a board member of two community led animal welfare charities. Originally from the UK, her passion for travelling has led her to many different countries across the globe and she has lived in various places in Southern Africa. 


Ekaterina Kalashnikova

Katya is an accomplished non-for-profit professional and biologist with over 13 years of managerial experience in East Africa. She brings to BCSS a wealth of knowledge on legal and institutional compliance, operational and administrative management, and financial controls. Besides her managerial skills, Katya has a strong conservation background possessing MSc in biology. Her professional aspiration is cetaceans research, and she has been collecting data on humpback whales’ ecology in Tanzania since 2017.


Emilia Vilanculos

Emilia joined the team in April 2021 to assist our growing kitchen output, as we have seen an average occupancy growth of 70% compared to previous years. She has had many years of experience working at the Anantara Resort on Bazaruto Island and is very happy to be working on one of the Archipelagos islands again, this time for for BCSS.


Francisco Massane

Francisco has been one of BCSS’s skippers since November 2019 and is passionate about fulfilling his role every day. He is always keen to learn more about research fieldwork, regularly engaging with the scientists. He has a very social nature and likes to have a chat with everyone who steps onto the boat, from marine scientists to volunteers.


Feliciano Mucuane

A founding team member of BCSS, Feliciano is part of the security team. He is proud of the fact that when he’s on duty, no problems have occurred – and he hopes to keep it that way.


Ian Hudson

Dr Ian Hudson brings a broad background of leadership and practical experience from both the corporate and academic sectors. Ian currently serves as the Head of Environment at world leading mining company, Anglo American and he previously spent 15 years in leadership roles in oil, gas and private equity. He is a marine biologist with a PhD in deep ocean ecology and has remained active in this space since his early work at the National Oceanography Centre. Ian has served a variety of NGOs and conservation groups.


Joaquim Madame

Joaquim has been with BCSS since the launch in 2017. He enjoys having the responsibility of guarding the BCSS premises.


Karolina Högberg

Specialized in sustainability management, Karolina comes from an interdisciplinary background of social and environmental sciences. With broad experience from across the hospitality, retail, travel and IT sectors, she incorporates expertise within regenerative development, project management and sustainability reporting. She holds a BSc and MSc in Tourism and Sustainability Management from Lund University. Passionate about supporting people and planet ocean, she is dedicated to support her mother country by uniting community and marine conservation.


Mario Zibane

Mario used to be a skipper, but opted for a career change and joined BCSS when the research station officially opened. He enjoys guarding the facilities and premises.


Mauro Jije

Mauro manages all marine activities; from scientific dive expeditions to servicing scuba gear. He is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor with 5 x scuba specialities, an experienced EFR instructor, INTED compressor operator and PADI equipment technician with more than 10 years of diving experience under his belt. His love for the underwater world started in childhood, and it was natural that he became a scuba instructor and teacher. As Marine Operations & Diving Manager he ensures that everything runs smoothly, from fieldwork expeditions to underwater research equipment maintenance.


Nina Flohr

Nina Flohr founded BCSS four years before launching sister property, Kisawa Sanctuary, embedding her passion for academia and research into the DNA of the luxury property.  She is instrumental in creating the ground-breaking ‘Resort to Research’ business model that underpins BCSS, where the sharing of environmental intelligence facilitates long term research and financial support. Previously, Nina worked as Creative Director of VistaJet, focused on the branding and guest experience aspect of the private aviation business. Nina currently runs Studio NJF, a multi-disciplinary design studio born through the experience of creatively directing Kisawa Sanctuary.


Maria Cossa

At the heart of our Research Department, Maria Cossa is responsible for the management and execution of our day-to-day research programs. Her role encompasses fieldwork support, survey administration, and the efficient management of our databases and laboratories. With a master’s degree earned at Gorongosa National Park (GNP), Maria brings a deep passion for environmental studies, particularly in the realms of blue carbon and environmental change. She is dedicated to enhancing research capacity in Mozambique. 


Maria da Graca

Situated midway between Kisawa and BCSS, Maria da Graca is a highly qualified dive instructor with extensive experience in managing dive courses, expeditions, and guest interactions. She plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day diving activities, ensuring they meet the high standards of our operation. Maria expertly divides her time between both properties, ensuring that diving experiences consistently adhere to our standards. 


Dr. Mario Lebrato

Dr Mario Lebrato has over 15 years of experience working at the interface of marine and environmental sciences, with expertise in oceanography, marine biology and ecology, chemistry, and data management. Mario holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton (UK), plus a PhD from the University of Kiel (Germany. He has worked as a postdoc at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (USA) and has coordinated research projects for German and Chinese governments. Mario continues to contribute to the top peer leading journals, internationally.


Ricardo Huo

Ricardo Huo’s culinary journey began as a kitchen trainee, and he has since risen to the position of Chef, overseeing all culinary services for our staff and guests. Known for his exceptional professionalism and courtesy, Ricardo is committed to continually honing his culinary skills. He benefits from ongoing learning opportunities under the guidance of our two main on-site chefs, further enhancing his expertise in the world of professional cooking. 


Saquina Mucuacuane

Part of the wonderful kitchen team since December 2020, Saquina enjoys cooking every day and making people smile. Equally she enjoys keeping the kitchen tidy and organised. She has learned much from the other BCSS chefs.


Sergio Feniasse

Sergio has been with BCSS since the 1st of February 2020, with his first project being the iconic BCSS pathways. As a pathway specialist, he created all the paths; connecting all areas and buildings on the BCSS premises. He has since received extensive gardening training and fills his days with looking after the plants and food forest. He loves how nature surprises him often.


Susana Massane

Susana has been with BCSS from the beginning in 2017, and managed the housekeeping on her own until Chanoca joined her in April 2020. They have worked closely together ever since, exchanging skills while making sure BCSS is kept clean and thoroughly sanitised.


Teodote Matimbe

After being trained in Human Resource Management, Teo has enjoyed other training related to tourism and environmental management during his time working in various marine-focused places in Mozambique, like Tofo in the south. As our HR Manager, Teo’s priorities are to make sure every staff member at the station is happy and that everything is running smoothly. He is also assisting Katya Kalashnikova (Operations & Commercial Manager) on administrative and operational tasks.


Tobias Schramm

Tobias is a senior aviation executive supporting BCSS from the outset. He is passionate not only about reducing the carbon footprint at Vista Global Holding but at having the opportunity to support the Kisawa and BCSS ventures with his legal and management expertise. As a member of the Council of Founders for BCSS, Kisawa helped shape the Ocean Observatory’s unique approach to preserve the pristine landscape and maritime ecosystem including the community members on Benguerra Island.
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