After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Tourism, Iris has worked in the field of marine conservation for over 5 years, taking care of communications and marketing for various organisations; from the first dive centre in the world to achieve a WWF 4-star rating, to a marine conservation NGO in the heart of the coral triangle. Marine conservation and storytelling are her passion, and to educate people and spread awareness through compelling storytelling and writing is her goal.

As Communications and Media Manager, Iris makes complex issues like climate change digestible for the wider public and translates BCSS’s data and research into content that everyone understands.

Iris is based in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia and often visits Mozambique, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

Latest articles by Iris

Encountering the Enigmatic Zebra Shark: A Dive into its Mysteries

The oceans are vast and teeming with life, harboring creatures of all shapes and forms, from the smallest plankton to the mightiest whales. Belonging to the carpet sharks group (having their name inspired by marbled appearance resembling ornamental carpet designs),

Great Metrics and Insights Featured in the New BCSS Brochure

This week marks an exciting step for BCSS, as we launch our new brochure, showcasing over six years of dedicated work in and around the iconic Bazaruto seascape spanning 1,430 square kilometres across five islands. These waters are home to

Annual Impact Report: Kisawa Sanctuary and BCSS

In our 2023 Impact Report, we celebrate a year of achievements in sustainability and community engagement. Founded on the ethos of purpose-driven hospitality, Kisawa Sanctuary and BCSS embody a pioneering spirit, weaving together environmental stewardship, scientific research, and social responsibility.

Unveiling the Intricacy of the Humpback Whale Migration

Over the course of five years, the BCSS marine research station had monitoring effort of 3860 hours in the open sea of the Mozambique Channel. Its growing database now boasts records of at least nine cetacean species, documented through over

Harlequin Snake Eel Sighting in The Bazaruto Archipelago

A harmless snake eel known as Harlequin Snake Eel or Ringed Snake-Eel (Myrichthys colubrinus, Boddaert, 1781) was spotted at the BCSS dive site “Kingfish Alley” – a 14-18m deep reef outcrop situated off 2-mile reef in the central part of

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