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The facility opened its doors in 2017 with a mission to give back and generate opportunities for local communities as well as international visitors. At BCSS we have one simple objective: to be the best at what we do in a respectful manner, for both the community and the environment.

BCSS has strong connections with regional and international partners dedicated to the conservation and protection of emblematic animals such as whale sharks, dugongs, black marlin, and turtles, that share their home with us here in and around the Bazaruto Archipelago. 


Our founding principles are to understand, protect and guarantee, in the best possible way, marine science in Eastern African marine ecosystems to further support present and future generations within this unique environment.


The mission at BCSS is to be an international example of management and research programs, with tangible results to benefit as many people as possible. Our work is free and openly shared, including baseline data to guarantee more researchers have access to the same critical information.


BCSS has an underlying respect for local communities and specifically the Bazaruto Archipelago islanders. This is represented in our employment policy, our range of learning opportunities as well as our attention to detail to ensure we are a valuable addition to Mozambique.

Who we are

BCSS is an innovative platform hosting the first permanent ocean observatory focused on multi-ecosystem time series research in Africa.

Our purpose

To use our strategic location and data to support environmental management at a local level, facilitate regional collaboration and contribute to international scientific programs.

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The only African field marine station using solar power energy with a commitment to zero-waste.


The first African Ocean Observatory with a time-series to monitor multiple ecosystems and climate change.

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The field station is built and managed in a 100% sustainable way, using mostly local materials and supplies.

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A new example of a multicultural project that can benefit both wildlife and the community



Employing local talent for enhanced insight into the surrounding environment and habitats

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Education & Capacity Building

Professional scientific training while exploring marine ecosystems at our Research Station and Ocean Observatory

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Committed to sharing our knowledge and experience in marine science to raise awareness, our facilities and surrounding marine biodiversity are open to those who wish to support wildlife while exploring.

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