Great Metrics and Insights Featured in the New BCSS Brochure

This week marks an exciting step for BCSS, as we launch our new brochure, showcasing over six years of dedicated work in and around the iconic Bazaruto seascape spanning 1,430 square kilometres across five islands. These waters are home to high species diversity, and BCSS made its mission to support the environmental management of this critical habitat.

Through rigorous monitoring over time and space across various marine ecosystems, BCSS aims to understand and mitigate climate change, pollution, and overfishing impacts. Our in-house research employs monitoring platforms measuring biogeochemical variables on selected ecosystems, following internationally recognized research techniques. The brochure reflects this considerable breadth of scientific methodology and uses a wealth of examples to demonstrate how data is being collated and visualized.

Key highlights of the brochure include:

  • Four research themes with continuous sampling;
  • Five years of monitoring data displaying recorded wildlife per taxa, with conservation status indicators;
  • Number of samples collected to date;
  • Visualised data and insights into the marine debris project;
  • Testimonies from our scientific training programmes participants; and
  • Details on our research logistics facilities;

Megafauna sightings off Bazaruto Archipelago National Park (2018-present) – part of research Theme 2

Samples per class (2019-present) – part of research Theme 3

Aiming to support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in its brochure BCSS details the continuous assessment and monitoring efforts, including carbon footprint reduction strategies, community engagement and social impact, permaculture and self-sufficiency principles that we deploy throughout our operations.

We harness the power of collaboration by celebrating our existing partners and welcoming new ones as we expand our partnership across the sector.

We extend our gratitude to the Government of Mozambique, including Ministerio do Mar, Aguas Interiores e Pescas (MIMAIP), Instituto Oceanografico de Mozambique (InOM), Ministerio da Ciencia, Tecnologia, e Ensino Superior (MCTES), and Ministerio da Terra e Ambiente for enabling and supporting this work.

Join us in our commitment to scientific excellence, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.

For questions about this article, please contact:
Ekaterina Kalashnikova, Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies

Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies
Host of the first permanent Ocean Observatory focused on multi-ecosystem time series research in Africa, the Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) was established in 2017 as in independent, non-profit organisation with a mission to protect and support the fragile ecosystems of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique. The research station is located on Benguerra Island, off the coast of Mozambique.

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