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DATA TYPE 1: OPEN (no restrictions) – anyone can download/ use – reported to government/authorities

Things like temperature and chlorophyll from the satellited, weather numerical data from BCSS weather station, any data BCSS feels like opening publicly unrestricted under a DOI and a Creative Commons Licence.

DATA TYPE 2: OPEN (after signing a Data Agreement under BCSS terms) – signatory parties can download/use- reported to government/authorities

Things like complex datasets or mixed datasets that will make
a peer-reviewed publication, total alkalinity (TA), dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), multiprobe sensor YSI-pH, YSI-dissolved oxygen, USI-salinity, YSI-temperature, dissolved nutrients, dissolved heavy metals, dissolved mercury, stable isotopes, DNA barcosing, plankton data, VEMCO megafauna tracking list, LOTEK satellite data tracks, seabed 3D bathymetry mapr,s 3D bathymetry raw XYZ data, 3D bathymetry raw ArcGIS shapefiles/ rasters and layers, certain GPS coordinates of animals and seabed featured, any data BCSS feels like opening publicly restricted by signed agreement under a DOI and a Creative Commons Licence.

DATA TYPE 3: CLOSED (to the public) – reported to government/authorities if needed/found necessary

Things like confidential GPS spots, secret diving spots, secret fishing spots, sensible spawning aread, spoth holding any element BCSS feels like there is a risk to release any data/ information in relation to it, hotspots of endangered species, trackings of endangered species, any sensitive information, data that BCSS wants only for internal use. DATA TYPE 3 could become DATA TYPE 2 upon request and at BCSS’s discretion as longas there is a sound justification.

Type 1: Sea Surface Temperature (SST – °C) 

Type 1: Chlorophyll a (Chl a – mg m-3)

Type 1: Air Temperature (sensor) (ºC)
Type 1: Wind Type 1: Speed/Direction (sensor) (m s-1)
Type 1: Air humidity (sensor) (%)
Type 1: Atmospheric Pressure (sensor) (mbar)
Type 1: Rain fall (sensor) (mm)

Type 2: Seabed temperature (HOBO) (ºC)
Type 2: Seabed Light (HOBO) (lux)
Megafauna detection data (VEMCO receiver) (detection nº)
Type 3: Megafauna satellite data (LOTEK) (GPS tracks)
Hydrophone/SoundTrap data (ST 600) (Recordings)

Type 2: Total Alkalinity – TA (bottled) ()
Type 2: Dissolved Inorganic Carbok – DIC (bottled) ()
Type 2: Major elements (bottled) ()
Type 2: Temperature (YSI probe) (ºC)
Type 2: Salinity (YSI probe) ()
Type 2: Dissolved Oxygen (YSI probe) ()
pHtotal (YSI probe) (n/a)
Type 2: Plankton tow (50-200 net) (Various)
Type 2: Coral carbonate samples (dried) (Various)
Type 2: Benthic invertebrate samples (dried) (Various)
Type 2: Megafauna ID spatial data (boat surveys) (Various)
Type 2: Megafauna isotope/DNA samples (Various)
Type 2: Seabed 3D multi beam data (boat surveys) (ArcGIS file extensions)

Type 2: Plastic surveys data (Various)
Type 2: Permaculture data (Various)

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