Dr. Mario Lebrato’s lectures for the Ocean University of China

Oceanographer and well-published scientist, Dr. Mario Lebrato, was invited to lecture at the Ocean University of China, located in Qingdao, as part of the university’s International Summer Course last month. Additionally, and as a member of the panel formed by professors and politicians, Mario discussed various topics via Zoom under the overarching theme “Global Climate Actions in an Uncertain Future”. The questions the panel discussed included “Will climate actions be undermined by geopolitical confrontations?”, “What is China’s position on climate security?” and “What are the implications of China’s ecological civilization and carbon market in political science?”, among many others.

The Ocean University of China offers studies in major branches of natural and social science alongside engineering, and is especially renowned for its marine sciences and fishery departments. The university has set up a national base for talent training regarding research in the fields of oceanography and marine chemistry, keeping their motto “The ocean embraces all streams; exploring promises to reach far” in mind. 

On the panel were other panel members, including environmental experts and scientists: Professor Corey Gabriel (University of California, San Diego Scripps Institute of Oceanography), Professor Duncan McLaren (University of Lancaster), Professor Yuming Feng (Ocean University of China, College of Environmental Science and Technology), Professor Yitong Chen (Ocean University of China Law School) and Sir Jurgen Kurz (Co-founder of the German Green Party).

With the support of Professor Yuming Feng as co-presenter to translate certain parts to Chinese, Dr. Mario Lebrato provided a variety of lectures and advisory work for participants and students. The lectures focused on key skills for research careers, including scientific writing, global studies, work with global databases and observatories around the world. He shared plenty of personal experience; both existing case studies and projects from the past. Dr. Lebrato also shared the behind the scenes work from many scientific papers published in the last 10 years.

Dr. Lebrato, also presented several online videos for participants and students, on relevant marine topics as well as a deep-sea documentary, filmed in a research cruise.  The videos helped the audience to visualise how marine science is conducted in different parts of the world.

We feel honoured that Dr. Mario Lebrato was invited to share his views on these crucial topics with his peers and students of the Ocean University of China as part of the International Summer Course.

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