This form is to facilitate data sharing between BCSS and any researchers, private companies, government and non-government institutions. Prior to giving you access to the requested information, BCSS will assess if the release of such information is necessary and ensure the intended use is legitimate.

Depending on the data request, BCSS reserves the right to ask for co-authorship and or collaboration on the project output. It is required that the requestor acknowledge BCSS as the owner of the data on project outputs.

All BCSS data cannot be shared to third parties without BCSS’ consent, unless specifically discussed before. The requestor is accountable to ensuring the data is not shared without prior consultation with BCSS. BCSS data cannot be used for commercial ends.

To help us process your request, please provide as much information as possible.

For an overview of the data stations, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

For further enquires, assistance with specific data negotiations, or filling this form; please contact BCSS through

The Bazaruto Archipelago Ocean Observatory is a unique platform managed by BCSS on Benguerra Island, endorsed by NOAA and GOA-ON, with Mozambican IPI protection under license No. XXX, approved for operation via MCT license No. XXX and ANAC license No. XXX.

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