After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Tourism, Iris has worked in the field of marine conservation for over 5 years, taking care of communications and marketing for various organisations; from the first dive centre in the world to achieve a WWF 4-star rating, to a marine conservation NGO in the heart of the coral triangle. Marine conservation and storytelling are her passion, and to educate people and spread awareness through compelling storytelling and writing is her goal.

As Communications and Media Manager, Iris makes complex issues like climate change digestible for the wider public and translates BCSS’s data and research into content that everyone understands.

Iris is based in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia and often visits Mozambique, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

Latest articles by Iris

Coral Bleaching

Coral Bleaching in the BANP

Coral reefs cover just 0.1% of the world’s oceans, and yet they support nearly 25% of marine life. On a recent diving excursion off Benguerra Island, we noticed that some of the coral in the BANP is bleached.

School of fish

The Mozambique Channel

At BCSS, we are strategically positioned in the first marine park in Mozambique and located on one of the most marine bio-diverse channels in the world.

BCSS Community and Outreach

BCSS is proud to be part of the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park. As a token of our appreciation to the local community, we do our best to create opportunities, make an effort to live sustainably, and share our knowledge.

BCSS Permaculture Workshop

At BCSS, we are happy to announce that we will be running a permaculture workshop from March 26-29, 2020, to help visitors gain the knowledge necessary to create self-sufficient living spaces.

Hammerhead Shark

BCSS Shark Tagging Project

At BCSS, we have been acoustically tagging migratory pelagic animals using VEMCO V16 tags in order to explore where they are going throughout the Bazaruto Archipelago. We want to see how much protection they are getting from the National Park, how they are using its waters, why do they come and stay here, and how far are they traveling beyond its boundaries.

March Permaculture Workshop

Join our first Permaculture Workshop for 2020, from 26-29 March, held at the Bazaruto Centre for Scientific Studies, Benguerra Island, Mozambique.

Mozambique Island ocean

BCSS’s End of Decade Recap

It’s nearly the end of the decade, and with the coming of 2020, it’s time to focus on the future. But, in order to do so, it can be useful to look back on the past.

plastic bottle on beach

BCSS Sustainability and Plastic Recycling Strategy

Plastic is a material which can be easily shaped and molded into almost anything, from a plastic bag to a car, and this easy convenience is exactly why it is so generally and extensively used.

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