Our Story

The Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) is a dream turned into reality through love and respect for Mozambican nature and culture, which inspires the team every day.

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BCSS as seen from the the air

The facility opened its doors in 2017 with a mission to give back and generate opportunities for both local communities and international visitors. At BCSS we have one simple objective: to be the best at what we do in a respectful manner, for both the community and the environment.

BCSS welcomes volunteers, students, graduates, seniors, the media and visitors from any background who wish to immerse themselves in a unique experience, living side by side with world-leading scientists and environmentalists.

Visitors are welcome to join our work on internationally recognized research programs including, but not limited to: ocean observatory, ecosystem monitoring, artificial reefs, plant and landscape recovery, beach plastic cleaning, megafauna tagging/tracking, and social and community development. By cooperating with the team, visitors benefit local communities, regional and international research programs and tourism-management as well as wildlife management entities such as national parks. At BCSS we are devoted to providing visitors with a unique field research experience where they can learn about social and environmental values, marine life, ecosystem protection, and general respect for nature.

BCSS has strong connections with regional and international partners working with emblematic animals such as whale sharks, dugongs, black marlin and turtles that share their home with us here in the Bazaruto Archipelago. The expertise at BCSS expands from small ocean creatures to big sea mammals as we strive to support a bright future for African wildlife and marine ecosystems.