Media & Documentaries

The Bazaruto Archipelago exhibits unique sceneries of the African continent throughout all seasons for ongoing media production opportunities.

BCSS has experience in documentary film making, professional video and photography as well as aerial (drone) filming. The team can guide visitors to capture the best footage as well as facilitate the compulsory permits.

Drones, professional cameras and microphones as well as vehicles, boats and helicopters are available for rent to support photography and film making. Guides for wildlife, fishing, diving and research are also available.

The facility caters up to a maximum of 20 visitors across a combination of single, double and tented accommodation.

Previous Media & Documentary experience across the BCSS team includes, but is not limited to: National Geographic, TVE, La 2 Channel, Caters News, The Weather Channel, Storyful, Canal Caza Y Pesca, Iberalia TV and National Mozambique News.

Please Get In Touch to plan Media projects.

For Media & Documentary services as well as general pricing please visit Join The Action.