Facilities & Labs

The Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) is divided into four major domains: Common & Labs, Dormitories & Tents, Warehouse & Workshop, and Leisure Facilities.

Common Areas & Laboratories

The main BCSS complex includes bathroom facilities, storage, kitchen and communal areas furnished with sofas, open spaces and tables with seating for both meetings and leisure. The facility also includes a large conference room equipped with a projector and screen, with capacity for up to 40 visitors. There are three offices and an IT room with computing and printing facilities for guests. Two connected laboratories contain all the lab equipment necessary for sample preparation, sorting, and most basic to advanced tasks. These include microscopes, ovens, sonicators and warm baths.

Lab supplies for ongoing in-house research projects can be shared with incoming visitors with prior notice. Plankton nets, drones, sensors, machinery and other research instruments are available, but it is recommended visitors bring their own equipment. The Lab offers fridges and freezers as well as a wet laboratory where samples can be prepared and stored for longer periods. BCSS maintains exclusive agreements with logistic carriers and analytical laboratories worldwide to facilitate further sample testing from the Bazaruto Archipelago. This service is available to visiting researchers with prior notice.

Dormitories & Tents

BCSS can accommodate up to 20 visitors on site and provides a choice of single and double (bunks) rooms. The accommodation complex features communal bathroom facilities, shared with the tented camp located near the station. The staff camp is within 30 meters of the main accommodation unit and includes two large tents which can accommodate up to four guests each.

Warehouse & Workshop

This is an important BCSS facility where engineering, building, repairs, storage and large-scale experiments take place. Featuring machinery, tools and toxic liquids, it is generally closed to the public, although temporary access for specific projects may be granted if permission is sought in advance.

Leisure & Minor Facilities

Visitors can enjoy several leisure areas beyond the common room. The Barraca is a beach-front entertainment area where visitors can enjoy cold drinks and snacks, including beer on weekends (no alcohol is provided during the week). The pavilion, set apart from the main working complex, can be used for leisure, socializing or simply relaxing. Other minor facilities include the solar panel area, water tower, boat mooring and landing zone as well as a laundry area.

Beyond the buildings and infrastructure, BCSS operates two boats (6m and 9m in length) for diving and research, two quad-bikes for transport and several 4×4 vehicles that are shared with Kisawa Sanctuary, located in the south of Benguerra Island. BCSS maintains strong working relationships with other partners on Benguerra Island, so extra boats, vehicles and helicopters can be arranged prior to arrival.

All visitors arriving at BCSS are requested to sign Liability & Indemnity forms and we also suggest visitors review the BCSS Station Manual  prior to arrival. These can be found under Resources & Reports. Please Get In Touch for further information.