Diving Center

The Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) is closely located to pristine and well conserved reefs, featuring some of the best environments in the world for observing shark, manta ray, dugong and open ocean predators, such as the black marlin.

The dive center primarily supports researchers conducting field projects, carrying out surveys, filming documentaries or location scouting, but it also caters for leisure programs. All visitors wishing to dive at BCSS need to provide existing diving qualifications and paperwork.

In the interests of safety, the center permits a maximum of two dives per day, unless visitors are involved in a special project which has been granted an exception, such as filming, post graduate research or seniors and lab teams.

The BCSS dive center has equipment available for rent and to be used in our programs but it is recommended visitors bring their own snorkel, fins, boots, gloves and wetsuit.

Equipment Amount
Air Compressor 1
Diver Cylinder (12L) 15
Dive Jacket 8
Wetsuit 8
Fins 8 pairs
Mask 8
Snorkel 10
Weight Belt (including weights) 8
Boots & Gloves 8 pairs
Pencil & Slate 8
Quadrat 8
Surface Marker Buoy 4
Diving Knife 4
Torch 4