Data Repository

The Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) maintains a permanent and open-to-the-public data repository where database resources, numerical datasets, time-series data and anything related to the facility’s work in the Bazaruto Archipelago can be found.

Data at BCSS are available in two forms:

  1. Open to the public for any use
  2. Open to the public with restriction*

We request that information sourced from the BCSS Data Repository is referenced in any publications, presentations or other content using the following statement: “Data was obtained from the Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) at”.

* For restricted data or further questions please contact BCSS Chief Scientist, Dr. Mario Lebrato  or call +44 7342 949 332. Alternatively Get In Touch.


BANP Ecosystems Mapping
Data May 1, 2018
BANP Ecosystems Seawater Chemistry
Data May 1, 2018