Sponsor a Program

We welcome commercial collaboration with brands/companies whose mission and values are aligned with BCSS.

The Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) directly collaborates or can be sponsored by commercial brands through specific agreements in programs, projects or through members of staff.

It can be anything from specific technical clothing to seawater sensors or to filming cameras as examples. We welcome commercial collaboration with brands/companies which mission and values are aligned with BCSS in terms of dedication, respect, honesty, and green-concept. BCSS is happy to use sponsored gear/material for field work, lab work and projects, including leisure activities, videos, TV documentaries as well as having social media interactions.

BCSS is also happy to discuss donations and monetary sponsorship of specific activities in exchange of brand or commercial involvement as long as terms and conditions are clear for both sides.

Furthermore, for specific brands or individuals/personalities we open the door to sponsor some of our programs with exclusivity depending on the terms and conditions, as well as the aligned interests of BCSS and the other side. All inquiries related to brands/companies, sponsoring, collaboration, or commercial component should be addressed to the BCSS Director, Dr. Mario Lebrato (mario.lebrato@bcssmz.org) or call +44 7342 949 332.

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