Dive unique dive sites and join exclusive expeditions

Encounter incredible marine life, whether underwater or from the boat, such as sharks, manta rays and humpback whales. Our well-equipped dive center ensures comfortable trips in the Bazaruto Archipelago and beyond. Contribute to the Ocean Observatory through citizen science dives.

This package is designed for all scuba enthusiasts seeking an opportunity to share their passion for the underwater world, but are time constrained. Stay at the BCSS research station for 7 nights and join at least 8 dives, all equipment rental included.
Minimum dive qualification: PADI Open Water Certification or equivalent.

7 nights – >8 dives – USD1700 – min. 2 pax

The Expedition package was created for experienced scuba divers with an interest in marine research and conservation. Stay at BCSS research station for 12 nights and join at least 16 dives, all equipment rental included. On site, you will be able to get involved with the BCSS core research programs and interact with our scientists.
Minimum dive qualification: PADI Open Water Certification or equivalent.  

12 nights – >16 dives – USD2700 – min. 2 pax

A pelagic drift dive is an open ocean dive in the blue where chances of seeing elusive pelagics are greater. Although it’s hard to guarantee, there is a high probability of encountering charismatic animals such as bull, dusky or hammerhead sharks, as well as pelagic fish and big rays. 

2 drifts/day –USD130 – min. 2 pax

A night glow dive focuses on seeing animals which are nocturnal feeders or difficult to see during the day on coral reefs, using fluorescence gear (included). A special opportunity for avid underwater photographers to capture the unique images of aquatic creatures that produce remarkable fluorescent glow.

1 dive– USD150 – min. 2 pax

• Serviced accommodation
• Dive gear rental 
• National Park Fees
• Breakfast/lunch/dinner
• Airport pick up/drop off
• Boat transfer to/from Benguerra Island
• (Limited) WiFi
• Access to BCSS Science

• Flights 
• Visa fees 
• Additional transport


Dive sites 3D mapped to provide a unique diving experience

The dive center has curated a list of dive sites after thousands of hours of scientific surveys to assess the underwater biodiversity in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Visitors enjoy a selected list of sites where scientific and technical knowledge has already been extensively gathered to ensure the best possible experience. The scientific team has 3D mapped all dive sites using seabed beam technology , to facilitate technical briefings as well as providing a unique vision of the underwater topography.

Wildlife activity calendar

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