Bazaruto Archipelago Potential

April 29, 2018 | Howard Rickard

The overwhelming natural wonders of Bazaruto waters cannot be matched anywhere in the world. BCSS is a dream come true through love & respect and we are here to guarantee its core mission & values.

A noise on the roof of my room wakes me up – normally this would be a neighbor waking up early back in town in Europe, but there are no neighbors here. I listen carefully and it is some creature of the bush – I open the door and a 1 meter lizard-like creature falls from above and walks calmly on the wooden deck – of course, we are in Mozambique, this is true nature.

Dr. Mario Lebrato – Director/Chief Scientist at BCSS (Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies)

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First days are always full of surprises but Dr. Lebrato is not short of experience – he has worked in some of the most extreme and isolated areas in the world, however he feels captivated by the Bazaruto Archipelago and its deep African roots and simply overwhelming nature and landscape.

Dr. Lebrato was born in mainland Spain in an isolated community in the day to day European culture of urban life, but he quickly realized that his place was with nature and invested in our ocean’s future. Here in the Bazaruto Archipelago things are very simple but people are happy – there are few places in the world that could make a researcher like Dr. Lebrato feel more fulfilled than Benguerra Island.

During September 2017, the BCSS team surveyed all Bazaruto ecosystems and came to the conclusion that the uniqueness of this place needed a unique approach and initiative to make this a word-class institution. Dr. Lebrato’s new Ocean Observatory for the Bazaruto Archipelago is a unique array for observing the ocean seafloor, measure ecosystems pulse, film marine life, and study the pelagic communities including plankton, sharks and predators. All this has been done separately around the world, but never all in one place.

We are extremely thankful to our founder Ms. Nina Flohr for being so open to new ideas and concepts on marine sciences. With her leadership and inspiration, BCSS is going to go very far, touching many and inspiring many others.

Thank you Africa once again.