Students & Graduates

This program applies to Bachelor, Master or PhD students of any age that wish to join BCSS to obtain more experience and training or as volunteers. It is also suitable for students completing a final project and thesis work that includes fieldwork.

Please Get In Touch if you wish to conduct your own project at BCSS or in parallel to existing BCSS Core Programs. At BCSS you can also find the mentorship you need for your project to be a success.

Students are encouraged to bring their own gear and equipment where necessary to support the completion of their projects. A $50 supplementary charge applies for gear rental.

Accommodation 1 day 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks Extra week
Single* $85 $1,000 $1,495 $2,035 $2,450 $310
Sharing* $75 $900 $1,325 $1,805 $2,175 $275

**Includes catering & accommodation as well as main activities & boat use, vehicles etc. – Excludes leisure activities, refer to Leisure & Research programs. Also excluded are airport VISA entry fees (USD $50), park fees (variable) and mainland taxi to beach at Dona Ana hotel (pay in cash 600 MET/4 person taxi, 1200 MET/7 person taxi – call BCSS driver Nelson +258 84 28 49 480 – or let BCSS know your arrival time to arrange pickup). Non English speakers must provide a translator for selected programs.