One-Day Action

The Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) is open to the public and visitors can join the daily activities of the station for research, volunteering, media and leisure programs.

Visitors are encouraged to choose one activity, but they must notify the BCSS team 24 hours prior to arrival for adequate arrangements to be made. BCSS welcomes both Bazaruto Archipelago resort guests as well as external guests, including children, who enjoy a 50% discount. Included in the fees are meals, transfers to Benguerra Island and a full one-day action program, while park fees and mainland taxi costs are excluded. Mozambican nationals are welcome to join for free on Community Work as well as some activities to be discussed with team members in advance.

Guest Guest under 14 Mozambican National
One Day Action* $200 $100 Free Community Work

* Choice of day activity from BCSS programs, meals & transfers included. Accommodation if required must be booked separately via the Fieldwork & Volunteering Program, Research Expeditions or the Media & Filmmaker Program. Excluded costs are airport VISA entry fees (50 $), park fees (variable) and mainland taxi to beach at Dona Ana hotel (pay in cash 600 MET / 4 people taxi, 1200 MET/7 people taxi). Parking in Vilanculos is available. Non English speakers must provide a translator on selected programs.